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    Deck Staining from your Residential Painting Company CertaPro Painters of Northbrook

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    If you have a deck, patio, archways, or any other wooden surface around your home, you know that they are constantly taking a beating from varying weather conditions. The sun, rain, snow, and sleet all take a toll on your wooden surfaces. If you don't take proper care of them by re-sealing and re-staining them at the right times, they can become a costly expenditure that significantly decreases the value of your home. Residential painting crews at CertaPro Painters have years of experience sealing and staining decks to protect them from extreme weather conditions. 

    As a best practice painting company, CertaPro Painters of Northbrook recommends that you treat your deck every nine to twenty-four months to keep it in the best possible shape. For vertical standing wood structures like arches, the residential painting team at CertaPro recommends work every three to four years. To properly stain or seal your deck, the professionals at CertaPro have to completely clean the surface area before beginning. This process typically starts with the removal of any loose dirt, gravel, or chipped paint. Once the loose debris is removed, the residential painting team will power wash the deck to ensure that it is absolutely clean before they begin sanding. Sanding is one of the most important steps when it comes to re-staining your deck and not every painting company takes the time to perform this important step. Sanding is an important step for many reasons; not only does it allow for a smooth surface to apply paint or stain, but it also opens up the wood pores to become extremely receptive to the paint or stain being applied.

    Once the surface preparation tasks are complete, the painting crew will use one of three methods to apply the paint or stain. Each project is different and the application of stain is painted, sprayed, or rolled onto the surface. Depending on your situation one of these methods will be better than the others and each job is customized to fit your home perfectly. The longer you wait to hire a residential painting team the more expensive this undertaking will become. Schedule a free estimate today!

    northbrook painters

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