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  • Drywall Repair

    Repairing water damaged drywall is easy with the assistance of CertaPro Painters of Northbrook as your painting contractor

    Dripping faucets, leaky water pipes, or leaking roofs all sound like the epitome of a homeowner's nightmare. Drywall is a type of board made from gypsum board, paper, and other material used to form the interior walls of houses. Drywall is a popular building material as it is a durable, lightweight, fire resistant, and moisture resistant material. However, Drywall has a paper back and tends to bubble and wrinkle whenever it becomes wet, much similar to a piece of a paper getting wet. CertaPro Painters of Northbrook can help you repair, replace, or even remove your drywall. CertaPro contractors can assist you with your painting and home renovation projects. CertaPro's house painting experts have been trained to remove the areas of water damaged drywall, replace the drywall, and then re-finish the surface with a matching top coat of paint.

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    So what do you do if your suspicion of water damaged drywall comes true? The first step would be to call your local house painting experts at CertaPro Painters of Northbrook. When fixing a water damaged piece of drywall, CertaPro contractors begin by removing the damaged area. The contractors will inspect the wall to pinpoint the cause of the water damage. It may be necessary to replace other portions of the wall if the water damage is extensive. Once all necessary repairs have been made, CertaPro contractors will allow the water to dry out before resealing the space. When the area is dry, contractors will vacuum the area clean and replace the drywall. When replacing the drywall, CertaPro adds a piece of wood strapping against the damaged drywall that acts as a supporting wedge. Next, CertaPro contractors cut out a square-centered piece of drywall that is big enough to cover the hole. The contractors then mount the patch with a couple of screws. Once the patchwork has been completed, the CertaPro contractors cover the seam, prime over the patch, and finally paint over with the matching top coat.

    Drywall is easily damaged by exposure to water. If you do not take care of this problem right away then the drywall will begin to mold or even worse, collapse. Save yourself some headache by calling CertaPro if you need to repair drywall holes, water damage, or cracking. CertaPro Painters will take care of all of your painting and home renovation projects. Schedule a free-on home estimate today!

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